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Internet of Things

Mysuru: A four-day workshop was organized in the GSSS Institute of Engineering and Technology for Women (GSSSIETW), department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The workshop was held as a part of the Industry- Institute interaction Program on  “Internet of Things on Communication” from January 3 to 7 for the 5th semester students by E-park research center, Vijaynagar, Bengaluru under dept. forum AECES.

The resource persons for the workshop were Santhosh Kori (Managing Director, E-park research center, Vijaynagar, Bangalore), Ms. Sangeetha J (Embedded developer), Ashritha (Embedded Engineer trainee), Neha (Embedded Engineer trainee), Dakshitha (Embedded Engineer trainee) of E-park research center, Vijaynagar, Bengaluru.

The session started with an introduction to embedded systems, their applications and Cloud services. Functions of the Arduino board and different sensors were explained. Some basic Arduino Interfacing experiments were executed using blinking LED, IR sensor, alarm, buzzer and servo motor.

Later on, a hands-on session was conducted, where the students were experienced in working on projects like interfacing of the automatic street light controller, LCD with Arduino, seven-segment display and line follower robot. Sensors like touch sensors and IR sensors were used for these projects. An additional project using ultrasonic sensor
distance measurement was also explained to students.

Mini projects were carried out by the Students. Ideas for extending these Mini projects were given to students such as Building smart-bin, Automatic sanitizer vending machine, Smart gate control system, Fire alarm with water spraying, Smart gardening and Bluetooth-controlled robot using Arduino. The workshop concluded with an interactive questionnaire session. (AM)

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