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Internet of Things

By Dominic Chopping

STOCKHOLM–Tele2 AB said Thursday that it will provide its Internet of Things platform for managing connected devices to Elonroad, a Swedish startup that has developed technology that allows electric vehicles to be charged while driving.

“Tele2 IoT is taking a step forward in the field of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and toward a sustainable automotive industry by providing connection of equipment to Elonroad,” the company said.

Elonroad has developed a solution where electric vehicles–cars, buses and trucks–regardless of manufacturer, can be charged while they are driving.

The solution consists of a rail that is integrated with the road by being installed directly on the asphalt, the company said.

“Our smart electric road needs to be connected to the internet in order for us to be able to control, optimize, and collect payments from users,” Elonroad Chief Executive Karin Ebbinghaus said.

“The agreement with Tele2 is business-critical for us on our continued journey.”

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