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Internet of Things

Device management is an important issue that any IoT solution provider needs to address. The engineers have to make the right decisions when designing, implementing, and testing the device. The most important, perhaps, is whether to use tested and approved existing solutions or to do things by themselves from scratch. There are many approved, mature solutions that can make the device design process efficient, and the Lightweight M2M (LwM2M) protocol is one of those. With ready-to-use components provided by the LwM2M protocol, device designers can quickly switch their focus to creating functionalities that give material business value to their customers without having to spend time on building device management functionalities themselves.

Engineers can be quite skeptical of ready-to-use solutions, and they are often not their first choice. To challenge that mindset and convince them of the usability of the LwM2M protocol, we demonstrate the deep integration of Anjay LwM2M SDK and Coiote IoT Device Management platform, the two leading LwM2M device management solutions, with the ST development environment.

Watch this webinar to learn more about what we provide:

  • Integration of Anjay LwM2M SDK with CubeMX to quickly get the skeleton of an IoT application inside the ST development environment;
  • Ready-made open-source sample applications of Anjay LwM2M SDK on popular ST discovery boards;
  • Seamless integration for device-to-cloud communication with IoT services from AWS and Microsoft Azure.
  • Integration of Anjay LwM2M SDK with security components provided by ST in order to meet high security standards;
  • Access to the Coiote IoT Device Management testing platform in which you can perform rapid integration testing to see how your IoT application works with our cloud infrastructure;


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