Don’t waste time or money searching high and low for everyday items — just track them all with a low-cost sensor package linked to the Internet of Things – BOE Report

Internet of Things

Have you ever calculated how much it costs to have employees look for a mislaid tool in the yard? Or how expensive it is to turn up at a customer’s business only to find they moved your asset to another location without telling you? These ‘invisible’ items are actually costing you money every day.

With Everyday Asset Tracking, Geoforce makes smaller and less capital-intensive items more visible. The hidden costs of hunting them down will soon become obvious.

GPS tracking for big investments — trucks, tractors, and powered machinery for farms, mining, oil and gas, rail and construction — is easy to justify. But when you want to track a lighting unit, air compressor or arc welder, or even a specialist tool, does it still make sense?

The answer, thanks to technological advances, is now yes.

With Narrow Band IoT and Long-Term Evolution of Machines (LTE-M), you can attach simple, low-power tracking devices to trailers and other non-powered assets. Because the new bandwidths are cheaper, and the sensors use less bandwidth and power, the overall cost of tracking has dropped dramatically.

Everyday Asset Tracking (EAT) sensors are very small, very rugged and very long-lasting: 3+ years of battery life is not uncommon. And these NB-IoT-enabled devices are designed for easy self-installation wherever you need a report on temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, battery power level, light exposure, and motion or impact. You can know what’s happening in your service yard without setting foot in it.

Using geofencing and beacon technology, you can locate a generator, heater, skid, pallet of couplings or spool of high-density cable quicker than walking around. If equipment enters or exits the yard you can get an instant notification. What’s more, you can use the Trakopolis platform to analyze these assets in ways that reveal hidden task efficiencies and project costing opportunities.

Thanks to new IoT technology, there’s almost nothing that’s too small to track. If it’s important to your everyday operations, think about Everyday Asset Tracking  — small but mighty.


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