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The Fire Industry Association (FIA) has announced that the British Standards Institution (BSI) is set to join its Internet of Things (IoT) Forum to facilitate knowledge sharing and improve fire safety in the UK.

The IoT Forum, which was launched earlier this year by the FIA, has been designed to start a shared, productive and necessary dialogue around IoT in the fire industry. It aims to provide an opportunity for the industry to exchange knowledge and remove barriers to the development and adoption of IoT products and services in the fire safety sector.

Alongside FIA Forum members BSI experts will work to improve fire safety provisions across the UK by promoting new innovations and sharing best practice knowledge and experience.

David Mudd, IoT Business Development Director at BSI said: “The FIA forum brings key industry personnel together to share knowledge and encourage innovation. By working with the Forum and its members we hope to fast-track safe and effective adoption of IoT products across the fire safety industry.

“The Internet of Things Kitemark indicates a product or service which has gone beyond normal requirements to achieve the highest standards as appropriate for the intended use. Products with the IoT Kitemark have been independently assessed by BSI to ensure the highest standard of IoT security controls are in place and maintained. This quality mark can support the fire industry in ensuring fire safety products are in line with best practice technology.”

BSI’s Internet of Things Kitemark was developed in 2018 in response to the growth of internet connected products, it was designed to help consumers confidently and easily identify the IoT devices they can trust to be safe, secure and functional.

IoT enabled fire systems improve detection, suppression and prevention, as well as maintenance and compliance. Applying the IoT Kitemark to fire safety products and services will enable safe adoption of these systems to improve the management of fire risks in domestic and commercial properties, says the BSI.

Ian Moore, Chief Executive Officer at FIA said: “The FIA, Europe’s largest fire safety trade association, has a long-standing history of working collaboratively with key stakeholders in the fire safety industry. We welcome our recent partnership with BSI and are looking forward to empowering, encouraging and enabling businesses in the fire safety industry to start, or continue, their work with IoT products and services.

“With over 70 FIA Members, the FIA IoT Forum has become the centre for collaboration on IoT in the fire safety industry. The Forum will help those involved to share and create best practice and help remove barriers to the development and use of IoT products and services in the UK fire safety sector. Our aim is that IoT products and services both maintain compliance to fire safety regulations and that the UK fire safety industry takes a leadership position in this domain.”

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BSI joins FIA’s Internet of Things Forum to support effective adoption of IoT in fire safety
The BSI is set to join the FIA Internet of Things (IoT) Forum to facilitate knowledge sharing and improve fire safety in the UK.

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